Monday, March 05, 2007

Homosexual Oriented Mass to End

...Monsignor Robert Bussen lives in Park City, a community known for its diversity and openness.

How is this "diversity and openness" to be understood? As I read it these days, it appears to be a code phrase for proclaiming an adherence to hedonism, sodomy, heresy and other acts of sinfulness.

So when U.S. Catholic bishops called on their own to start ministering to persons with "homosexual inclinations," Bussen saw a chance to do something bold.

He designed a special monthly Mass for gays, lesbians and their families at St. Mary of the Assumption in hopes of making them feel welcome.

Ah, another feel good phrase, rife with subjective interpretations, "making them feel welcome"...The article gives us a clue:

"It was a tremendously affirming experience," Bussen said this week. "The Mass was more symbolic than anything, reaching out to families who love their church and their children and don't want to have to choose."

Again, I cringe when I read things like "affirming experience"...if only because of the widespread corruption of the meanings of words.

And the people, why - they don't want to choose? And what have they to choose? Virtue over vice, good over evil, light over darkness, eternal life over eternal damnation - a choice has to be made. There is no avoiding it. Our Lord gives us example after example in the Gospels.

"But [the church] has to earn their respect. They will not tolerate any more rhetoric that attacks their children."

The Church, founded by our Lord and Savior and guided by the Holy Spirit, leads us along the road of Calvary toward the heavenly kingdom...That should be sufficient reason to "respect" the Church. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, there is no earning of "respect" necessary for the Church - this is akin to saying the our Lord must earn our respect - a absolutely erroneous idea planted by the prince of darkness.

Confused individuals may believe that the Church has "attacked" those who are homosexually inclined but the fact is that the Church has condemned the acts - not the people. The Church, as does our Lord, calls on all to repent of our sins and make a firm purpose of amendment to avoid sin, most especially those sins which place our souls in mortal danger, without the grace necessary for salvation, eternally estranged from God. But then Jesus reminds us again and agian that many will take the easy path.

Now, after only three months, the experiment is about to end. The March 17 Mass will be the last.
. . .
St. Mary's parishioner Joseph Ozog says Bussen failed to fully explain the church's position on homosexuality in the Mass, seeming to celebrate it rather that help people resist its temptations. . . Ozog [says that one of Bussen's sermon] leaves the impression that "it's OK to be a practicing homosexual."
. . .
He also objected to the fact that Bussen attended a meeting of Dignity, a organization of Catholics whose stated mission is to change the church's doctrine on gay marriage. And he joined other religious leaders at an interfaith service during the Winterpride Festival in February.

So the good monsignor attends Dignity meetings and "Pride" festivals? It could be that he's on a "mission from God" and he's trying to change lives...Then again, Dignity meetings and "Pride" fests are probably things better avoided so as not to give scandal.

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