Friday, November 16, 2007

Meditation for November 17, On Letting God Free

Few souls give the Lord the liberty of doing what He wishes. The majority evade Him, are stingy, quibble and withdraw; give in today to take back tomorrow; will indeed, yet do not will, and offer to the grace of God a rather narrow entrance.

As God does not wish to use violence, He avoids forcing an en­trance. Since the soul refuses to do violence to itself, it opposes the plenitude of the divine within itself.

This goes on constantly among the half saints, the one-third or quarter saints, that God urges to a richer and more complete possibility.

Surely my stinginess and my evasions are explained by my weakness, and they are never entirely corrected; I will remain weak forever. It is good to tell myself that, not to become dis­couraged, but to remain humble, and to count upon the grace of God.

But is there not in my more or less voluntary cowardice some­thing of personal negligence; some responsibility on my part?

It is this rather serious wilful negligence that I wish to diminish. It is never too late to give oneself entirely. I should have begun long ago. Grace knocks at the door. God would have given me much. I will strive to develop my power of receiving divine invi­tations, but above all my power to acquiesce. Yes, Father, Ita Pater. Yes, Father, my Father and my God, I accept, I consent. Speak, I will listen, even now I say Yes.
Adapted from Meditations for Religious
by Father Raoul Plus, S.J. (© 1939, Frederick Pustet Co.)

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