Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reparation for San Francisco Sacrilege planned

From Tradition Family Property:

The controversy around the sacrilegious scandal at Most Holy Redeemer Parish in San Francisco still rages. It was terrible to see two transvestites dressed as nuns receiving Holy Communion from the Archbishop’s hands.

While many have reacted to the scandal by protests, the sacrilege itself remains largely without reparation.

That is why we have announced a Holy Hour of Reparation on November 16. We want to storm heaven with our prayers of reparation. After over 2,000 Public Square Rosary Rallies, we would like to see thousands sign up to participate in their hour before Our Lord. Read about our prayer vigil and register now by clicking here. Mark your calendar and attend!

Remember, at Fatima Our Lady herself spoke of such sacrileges and the need for reparation: “Do you want to offer yourselves to God to bear all the sufferings that He may wish to send you, in reparation for the sins with which He is offended and in supplication for the conversion of sinners?”
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