Thursday, November 27, 2003

Sifting Wheat from the Weeds

There has been much confusion over the years regarding the Second Vatican Council. And Leon Suprenant of Catholics United for the Faith (CUF) has written another fine article which sheds light on what has been a source of frustration for many.

I would add that "the principal task entrusted to the Council By Pope John XXIII was to guard and better present the precious deposit of Christian doctrine in order to make it more accessible to the Christian faithful and to all people of good will." (Apostolic Constitution Fidei Depositum, 1992)

Despite the problems we have and are still experiencing, we should know that the Church will continue to be attacked, even from those within her bosom. Christ told us as much. We should continue to defend the Church and the Teachings of Christ and His Church at all times. And, of course, prayers and more prayers, fasting and penance are things we can all do to help combat the evil that is engulfing this world.

Check out CUF when you have time. It is a great organization.

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