Monday, December 08, 2003

How will ArchBishop Burke view this parish?

Previously, I had posted a link to a bulletin article from a local St. Louis parish about "liturgical dance" at Mass. This time, another reader passed this article posted on the web site of this parish on to me.

After reading it, I am surprised that any priest would want to "advertise" this considering the fact that some of these "feelings" or "attitudes" are certainly contrary to real FAITH and the assent or obedience of faith required of a Catholic. The definition of Faith as defined in the Catechism is: "the theological virtue by which we believe in God and believe all that he has said and revealed to us, and ALL that Holy Church proposes for our belief, because He is truth itself." (CCC 1814)

Onw would surmise, then, that when the Holy Father has definitively held that the Church may not ordain women as "priests" (since this is a theological impossibility), the priest, as his obligation to teach and sanctify the faithful, would advise his flock of the correct teaching of the Magisterium. Anyway, below I have listed some of their "strengths" and 'Needs':

Inclusive language
Openness to a cutting edge new vision
Openness to gay/lesbian issues
Lots of creativity

More REAL participation by women/ordination of women
Concerned about having a lay pastor
Issues of power and authority affect our effectiveness in creating a focus and energizing an outcome
Need a more effective Democratic process
Would like to see more lay participation in the liturgy not just the community of preachers doing the homily
Would like to see women in every role of the Church
We are ready for lay leadership; continue the discussion
In order to survive we need to prepare for the time when St. Cronan's will become a priestless parish
Wants to see the church operate out of a more lay-model than a church hierarchy
Vision for St.Cronan's as a lay led Church

As I read this article, it appeared that this parish might make a great site for every dissident organization to come set up shop if they haven't already. If one wants to be really inclusive, invite them all!

Let's see: a cutting edge new vision with women priestesses with lots of creativity giving gender inclusive 'homilies' on how to be a "real" Catholic.

So why should I bother listening to the Holy Father? We seem to have our own popes right here in downtown St. Louis!