Monday, February 16, 2004

Spirtual Warfare is here - ready or not.

"My friends and I had many conversations with other parishioners who wanted to learn more about the Catholic Church's position on same-sex marriage . . . and so we set up our booth to give educational materials to interested parishioners," Karl Wirth wrote in an e-mail to the Globe. Wirth, a high-tech worker and Harvard graduate, approached the pastor, Monsignor Dennis Sheehan, for permission to set up a table, and Sheehan agreed.

So far so good, right?
One outraged parishioner threw many of the fliers into the sacristy's trash and tore down some of the signs adorning a booth, before breaking down in tears. A second churchgoer, too upset to sit through services, went home and wrote an open letter that he distributed after Mass, calling the distribution of the flier "an injustice."

The parish council discussed the controversy at last Sunday's meeting, and plans to consider whether anyone should be allowed to promote a political cause in the church. But no decision was made.
Quoting the catechism, trying to enlighten people with the truths of our faith is now "politics"...Be happy when people revile you for following Christ...Pray for the Church which is under attack from within!

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