Monday, March 08, 2004

Followup Letter to the Post-Dispatch....Again

To: Aisha Sultan

The first sentence of your report titled "Burke cites "hedonistic culture" as a factor in church's problems" on Februrary 27, states:
Archbishop Raymond Burke blamed society's "hedonistic culture" as the most significant cause of sexual abuse within the church...
Nowhere in the rest of the article do you specifically and directly quote what the Archbishop said about this "hedonistic culture".

Can you please provide a direct quotation which substantiates your claim that Archbishop Burke stated that the "most significant cause" of sexual abuse within the Church is society's "hedonistic culture"?

Without some sort of substantiation of the claim you make in your article, I'm afraid the readers of the Post-Dispatch are left with no choice other than to question the veracity of your other statements, not only in this article but in other articles which you may write.

May God bless you,