Tuesday, March 23, 2004

A USCCB Employee No More?

This was brought up some time ago, and Deal Hudson of Crisis Magazine informed his e-letter subscribers of a change of status of Ono Ekeh.
You probably remember my telling you about Ono Ekeh, an employee at
the Bishops' Conference who also happened to be the founder of an
Internet forum called "Catholics for Kerry." I pointed out what I
thought seemed pretty obvious... that having a paid employee for the
USCCB leading a public campaign for presidential-hopeful John Kerry
-- a rabidly pro-abortion "Catholic" -- sent a dangerous message to
Catholics about their responsibility regarding life issues.

Well, it appears that the Bishops' Conference agreed. We've learned
from several sources that Ekeh is no longer an employee of the
conference. Whether he was fired or allowed to resign is unclear
(their comically unhelpful office of human resources refused all

Either way, it appears that the bishops were unaware of Ekeh's side
project and were none too happy when it came to light. I applaud the
bishops for taking this stand -- they've sent a clear message
regarding their commitment to life and the responsibility of lay
Catholics to do the same. This is a very good start.
At least it's a start. Still, I believe a major cleansing is needed.

This having been said, however, if one looks at the USCCB Web Site here, Mr. Ono Ekeh is still listed as Program Coordinator for African American Catholics.

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