Tuesday, April 13, 2004

And some Good News for a change!

There is a bit of good news regarding the University of Notre Dame. (For those who might be unaware, UND, like so many other Catholic institutions of higher learning, has been plagued by dissent and scandal over the last few decades — and particularly in the last few years.) An e-mail I recently received from a UND alum reported that a school official is hiring some new solidly Catholic professors for the school's Theology program, thus moving it "to be quite orthodox, despite [prominent dissenter] Richard McBrien teaching one class and the halting support of the administration."

Good. Perhaps these new professors will help to bring the authentic Catholic faith back to UND. Just think: No more blatant heresy by the likes of McBrien and no more 'Queer Film Festival,' et al. There is hope.
Article here.

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