Monday, August 09, 2004

U.S.Rep David Obey accuses Archbishop Burke of political coercion

U.S. Rep. David Obey says he won’t let Roman Catholic Archbishop Raymond Burke "coerce" him into imposing the church’s abortion philosophies on all of America.

In his first detailed public response to Burke, Obey writes an article titled "My Conscience, My Vote" in the Aug. 16-23 issue of America, a widely read weekly Jesuit magazine. Burke is now archbishop of St. Louis; he was formerly the bishop of the La Crosse, Wis., diocese.

"In my view, Bishop Burke attempted to use his interpretations of theology to coerce me into taking specific positions on matters that I believe are matters of constitutional law," writes Obey, D-Wis. "The difference between us is that I am not trying to force him to agree with my judgments, but he is attempting to force me to agree with his. That in conscience I cannot do."
One must wonder if 'America' purposely sought or 'coerced' David Obey to write an article slamming Archbishop Burke or not...Being somewhat skeptical, I suspect that it (America), rather than using its pages to teach the fullness of the faith, seeks to balance that which is right with opposing opinions, thereby resulting in confusion in the minds of Catholics.

It is shameful that America gives a voice to those who propose to justify stances on the abortion issue that are opposed to the teachings of the Church.

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