Friday, October 29, 2004

A Failure to Teach in Altoona-Johnstown

***Updated*** 11/17/04
It was brought to my attention that I was, perhaps, too critical of Bishop Adamec's column and will clarify my position. All updates will be in brackets[].

This certainly isn't the first time confusion has been sown among the faithful.
Bishop Joseph Adamec writes his column, "WHAT’S IN A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION?", but he, like many others, proposes something which is a grave error. He states:
It is very likely that there will be some evil coming along with the good that we wish to choose when we vote for any particular candidate. So, how is our choice to be made? As is so often said: “Very carefully.”

As I see it, this particular election is primarily about life, that greatest and most basic of gifts from our Creator. We are called to promote life, as a God-given right, at all its stages. That includes before birth as well as after, when inconvenient as well as when convenient, for the guilty as well as for the innocent, and for those who disagree with us as well as for those who agree. In that regard, we may not kill indiscriminately (such as in abortion or war) and we may not use another person’s life simply for the enhancement of our own (such as in stem cell research or political opportunity).
One wonders if he understands what directly procured abortions are - the intentional, discriminate killing of an unborn child. To suggest that abortion is the indiscriminate killing of another demonstrates complete and utter negligence, at best.

[My use of the term 'indiscriminate' is based on an understanding that the word would be synonomous with 'haphazd, unrestrained, unselective, random, or arbitrary'. The bishop may mean something else. The direct, intentional killing of an unborn baby, I maintain, cannot be labeled as 'indiscriminate' for it is neither random nor unselective but it is, precisely, very 'selective' - a unique and unrepeatable human being has been chosen - singularly selected - to be murdered.]

At its worst, it is a lie which distorts the teaching of the Church. The clear and unambiguous teaching of the intrinsic evil of directly procured abortions should not be compared with the unintended deaths of civilians which occur in times of war.

[Here, I stand corrected on failing to make a proper distinction. It must be noted that the discriminating and intentional killing of an innocent person in time of war would be gravely immoral as would be the intentional, indiscriminate killing of people. Having said this, the United States neither endorses nor condones the intentional and indiscriminate killing of innocent people during times of war.]

It is a grave failure for a bishop, or anyone charged with imparting the faith to others, to make such a declaration.

[My reference here refers specifically to the equating of abortion (which does occur appproximately 4,000 time per day) with 'indiscriminate killing of innocents during war' (which rarely happens today by US troops). I maintain that the comparison used was, at the very least, wrongly worded and confusing.]

Pray that the faithful of that diocese understand the truth and pray for [the] bishop that he might speak the truth with clarity.

Bishop Adamec's letter is here.

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