Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Death of Common Sense in France?

PARIS (AP) - They arrived as they do every December: gaily wrapped gifts destined for children at a kindergarten in rural northern France.

But this year, teachers unwrapped a few, took a look and sent all 1,300 packages back to City Hall. The presents were innocent, but strictly speaking, illegal: seasonal chocolates shaped like Christian crosses and St. Nicholas.

"In 1968, the slogan was, `It's forbidden to forbid.' In 2004, it's, `Forbidding is a must,'" Bruno Frappat, editor of the Catholic daily La Croix, wrote in a weekend commentary. "And one of the phobias most in vogue is Catho-phobia." (emphasis added)
Lunacy and idiocy are the rule of the day, and a new form of paganism has taken root...

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