Wednesday, December 22, 2004

From Town Talk: Beware, St Stanislaus...

A word of caution

BEWARE, ST. STANISLAUS. Under what name will a proposed irrevocable trust be set up and while you are told the trust will be used for St. Stanislaus and the Polish community, what about the interest earned by this trust? Where will that money end up? If this Canon law was so important, why was it not enforced decades ago? For Archbishop Burke to pull your priest and deny Mass and the sacraments in your own parish does not do much to warrant trust. It just alerts you to be more skeptical as to what kind of person he really is. Remember, Eve was convinced it was OK to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden. Was that her irrevocable trust?
Perhaps, I have not yet had enough coffee or something - but I'm having a difficult time with this...Either that, or this person has had too much of something.

The facts and the details have been explained numerous times, yet some want to continue the tired, old mantra that Archbishop Burke is the bad guy here. It's a shame that this person is confused and doesn't understand what's going on or what has been going on for a number of years.

It's particularly disgraceful to suggest that Archbishop Burke is something he is not. This effort at calumny is, frankly, despicable and uncalled for - the Post does a disservice by printing such nonsense.


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