Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Town Talk for March 16

Parish administration

ISN'T IT STRANGE that the one church that's being run by a board of directors, St. Stanislaus, has a $9 million surplus? The church has been renovated, yet all the other churches that are run by the archdiocese are closing one at a time. Doesn't that tell you something? Maybe a board of directors should run the Catholic churches and not the St. Louis archdiocese? Maybe it's time something in Rome is done about this. I say it's rather uplifting when you read about St. Stanislaus and their surplus and how great their church has been taken care of.
There is no $9 million dollar surplus. This is what the Board tells everyone who will listen. Much of that "surplus" consists in an estimated value of real estate - which may or may not be accurate. Nor is it accurate to state that ALL of parishes under archdiocesan control are closing - in fact, to make such a statement suggests one is woefully ignorant of the facts or is intentionally attempting to deceive others.

Lastly, the primary purpose of of the Church is to help and assist one attain one's ultimate end, and that end is eternal life with our Lord in heaven, not the amount of money and wealth a parish of group of parishioners has amassed while here on earth, nor how beautifully they have maintained their church.
Religious discord

JUST AS ST. Louis Cardinals fans dread facing the Houston Astros because of the "Killer Bees" we now have a new set of "Killer Bees," Archbishop Burke, George Bush and Gov. Blunt. In a short time in St. Louis, Archbishop Burke has managed to alienate most of the few remaining Catholics in town and doesn't understand the hostility that is directed toward him.
Those "Catholics" who feel alienated by Archbishop Burke were already in a position of doubt and self-imposed alienation BEFORE Archbishop Burke arrived here. There are those, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, who prefer darkness to light, error to truth. It would have made no difference to them who the Archbishop was IF he demonstrated fidelity to Christ and His Church. They are only happy when others continue to confirm them in their errors. There are only contented when others fail to point out the proper path to them.

Surely, then, Archbishop Burke will have his detractors because he understands that his vocation is to help as many people as possible reach the Kingdom of God. Those detractors, ultimately, are opposed to him performing this obligation. Many Catholics, and others, give thanks to God every day, because He has given us a shepherd who knows the way and can guide us on the path of salvation.
Shutter all the Catholic churches

MY COMMENT IS on closing all the Catholic churches. I firmly believe they should close all the Catholic churches. I live in a Catholic neighborhood and one of the mothers in that neighborhood is Catholic and her boyfriend lives with her. She has a 13-year-old daughter who goes to that school. I'd really like to know what she is instilling in her daughter that mommy can live with her boyfriend, but we don't have to be married. I'd like to know what the Catholic Church is teaching that family. Obviously nothing. That is why the Catholic churches really need to be shut down because they're not teaching the children or mothers anything anymore.
This is a sad commentary on the state of catechesis in our time. One wonders if this mother attends Mass? And if so, she, no doubt, probably receives Holy Communion while in a state of objective mortal sin. One wonders if ever a homily was heard discussing the evils and the gravity of sin, especially those which are violations against chastity and the scandal which results from them? One may wonder also, what, if any, religious education is occurring in the school. All children need to have a firm foundation in the faith, especially when our culture continually tries to tear that foundation apart. Also, why does it seem that so few practice the spiritual works of mercy today?

We are all called to live a life of holiness - and there are many times that we fail. It is scandal, such as that in the above story, which we must always be on guard against, lest we lead others astray.

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