Friday, June 24, 2005

A Question for Catholics - Songs that make a Difference

Brought to you by the National Associatoin of Pastoral Musicians:
What liturgical song has really made a difference for you? It might be a song that has helped to form or strengthen your faith; has played a significant part in the life of your parish or community; is associated with a noteworthy event; or is simply your favorite liturgical song.

We are inviting NPM members and other American Catholics to tell us your selection for a liturgical song that makes a difference. We would like to know the texts and tunes that have done the most to help American Catholics to discover, explore, nourish, and deepen their faith.

We will continue to collect choices through September 30, 2005 and then publish a list of the most popular and important songs, according to the survey, later in the fall as well as some of the stories that we receive.
Bring your gee-tars and bongos and join the lovefest as we celebrate the banal, pedestrian music that makes us feel good - songs about US!!!! But you might ask, "What about hymns for the glory of God, for His praise?" We'll have to address that question, maybe, some other day...Today, it's all about us!!!

Oops, sorry not enough coffee yet this this morning.. I wanted to post this last night but was prevented from doing so...I was surrounded and held captive by a set of drums, 2 guitars, 2 saxophones, 1 cranky trumpet, a coronet and a flute. "They" wouldn't let me anywhere near a computer.

Anyway there are so many GOOD hymns (not songs) to vote for - I haven't decided yet:
Adoro Te Devote
Pange Lingua Gloriosi
Salve Regina
Any Gregorian Chant

Check it out here...and don't forget - vote early and OFTEN...

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