Monday, August 15, 2005

The Headline Says It All

Defiant church will seek priest

Of course, one would think that the only priest who would possibly serve this group of malcontents is one who already finds himself at odds with the Church. I recall that someone from St Stanislaus had commented in the past that they were hoping that they could find a "Catholic" priest (this, of course, leaves open the possibility that a non-Catholic priest would suffice). Perhaps more to the liking of some of the renegades would be one the newly "ordained" womyn who mistakenly lay claim to be being priests (or priestesses)...? At least in this way, they would have a common goal - open defiance of the Church.

But I digress - what does the Post say about this?
Members of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in St. Louis voted Sunday to seek a Roman Catholic priest to serve them. The church at 1413 North 20th Street, northwest of downtown, has been without a priest for about a year as members have fought against turning over the church finances to the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Stan Novak, a member of the church's board of directors, said members also voted Sunday to re-elect board members William Bialczak and John Baras.

Robert Zabielski, secretary of the board of directors, said the church had been holding prayer services but members wanted more. "We need religious guidance in our church," he said.

Zabielski said he hoped Sunday's vote also would send a message to Archbishop Raymond Burke about the group's resolve.
These people need religious guidance, alright...what an understatement by Zabielski! How absurd is it for one to conclude that it is even remotely possible to receive authentic and proper religious guidance from a "priest" who acts in secret or defies the directives of the Archbishop? Just whay kind of "guidance" is that? It certainly cannot be about the Sacraments since the Sacraments are widely available throughout the Archdiocese - any statements to the contrary would be erroneous.

And certainly the message that the group sends to Archbishop Burke is no different than the message they have been sending to him for months - one of defiance and disrepect. What a confused lot these people are. May God grant them the graces necessary to return to the Church and may He have mercy on those who continue to encourage others to reject the Church and her leaders.

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