Thursday, December 15, 2005

St Stanislaus To Host Catholic Action Network "2006 Convocation"

The Keynote Speaker, as listed at CAN's Website: Lena Woltering, Call To Action Vice President

Who is Lena Woltering? Catholic Action Network's event flyer (PDF File) says:
Lena Woltering has been active in Church Reform and Social Justice Work for many years. For the last nine years she has been on the Call To Action National Board and currently serves as Vice-President. She was Coordinator of the Fellowship of Southern Illinois Laity (FOSIL) for ten years, and served on the State Board of the Illinois Moratorium Project working to abolish capital punishment. She also worked in prison ministry with the Missouri "Residents Encounter Christ" program. She is currently traveling across the country helping reformminded Catholics organize lay synods in their dioceses.
It was only a matter of time before those presumably in charge at St Stanislaus would be embracing other organizations claiming to be Catholic while dissenting from Catholic teachings.

Those who dissent or reject the Church's teachings and authority evidently find solace and support with others who hold similar attitudes and beliefs.

One of the scheduled "workshops" is titled: "Uniquely Catholic: Prophetic & Creative Responses to Hierarchy." This workshop might also be known as "Non Serviam"!

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