Monday, September 10, 2007

Creighton U.'s Unfortunate History of Dissent

From Thomas Peters at AmericanPapist:

Most of you have probably heard about Jesuit-run Creighton U.’s recent invitation (and subsequent dis-invitation) of pro-euthanasia, pro-abortion speaker/writer Anne Lamott.

Some of you have probably heard that the President John Schlegel of Creighton then circulated a memo claiming that his change of heart happened, to quote him, “well before the bloggers latched upon the invitation.”

Instead, he claims, he came to his decision as a result of “prayerful reflection upon reading her latest book.”

Taking him at his word, I ask why the same course of prayerful reflection didn’t raise any red flags for him when he invited the speakers previous to Anne Lamott. The last two speakers – while not equally offensive – are certainly far from appropriate choices for a Catholic University to invite and have speak to Catholic faithful on the topic of “Women & Ethics”.

I reflect upon the situation and present some unfortunate facts regarding Creighton U.’s previous track record of invited speakers:
In many so-called Catholic universities, the Faith has been replaced by something else, something worldly...would some of these institutions return to their Catholic roots, if more Catholics, having become better informed, were to withhold funds and support from such institutions, many of which have become breeding grounds of dissent and rebellion?

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