Thursday, October 25, 2007

Protests sparked by teen pregnancy forum at Holy Cross

College of the Holy Cross sophomores, from left, Emily Turner, Eugene Briones and Megan Marrs, with freshman Jennifer Larsen, hold anti-abortion signs yesterday while junior Joseph Gonzalez stands across the street with opposing signs. (T&G Staff/PAUL KAPTEYN)

WORCESTER— A conference for social workers, nurses and others involved in reducing teen pregnancy — including members of prominent abortion-rights groups — went on as planned yesterday at the College of the Holy Cross over the objections of Worcester Bishop Robert J. McManus and some students.

A Diocese of Worcester spokesman said the bishop would not take any immediate steps against Holy Cross, but would consider the Jesuit college’s decision to rent meeting space for the conference in any future evaluation of whether it can properly call itself a Catholic institution.
It is a scandal for Holy Cross to engage in such activities - only a fool would consider it to be a Catholic institution...

May one assume that the junior above, publicly supporting the death of the unborn, the erroneous 'right to choose' [life or death], is not a Catholic? Perhaps decades ago we might have assumed such. But not today - with the moral decay and confusion in the Church today, nothing seems to be sacred anymore. And untold numbers of people claim to be Catholic while they oppose the very teachings of Christ and His Church. How demented is this?

Is it not coincidental that when so many removed the 'sacredness' from our churches to make them more appealing to the whims of 'modern man', we also lost our sense of the sacred for everything else, including the sanctity of life?

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