Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Public Scandal: Abortion-rights lawmakers to receive Communion

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Catholic members of Congress who publicly support the right to abortion will trek to Nationals Park Thursday for a Mass celebrated by a pope who has said such lawmakers should not receive Communion.

Leading these lawmakers, some of whom have repeatedly complained about remarks by Pope Benedict XVI and a few bishops on the subject, will be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the government's highest-ranking Catholic and a supporter of abortion rights. Nowhere in her remarks or her actions this week has she referred to strains with the new pontiff....her spokesman said, she intends to receive Communion from one of the 300 priests and lay ministers who will offer it to the gathered flock of 45,000.
Along with several other supporters of legislation to permit the murder of babies! Their rationalization?

This event, they [Catholic lawmakers] said, is about bigger themes and values, such as hope and compassion.
About bigger themes? And to what "values" are they referring? They demonstrate a profound lack of judgment, especially when it comes to the natural moral law and their eternal life (or death)....And let's not forget about change...

"Pope Benedict's historic visit is an important opportunity for Catholics and for all Americans to reflect on the ways we can contribute to the common good, address global issues of poverty, disease and despair," said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass...
Infanticide contributes to the common good?

Who are these imposters of the faith? They refuse to protect the innocent yet they want us to believe thay are concerned about the common good? What deception! Spoken just like their father and mentor - the father of lies, a murderer from the beginning.

These people are proud to commit sacrilege and cause scandal among the faithful! And to do so under the very nose of the Holy Father is even more repulsive than words can express. May God grant me the graces to channel my anger and revulsion into prayer for their souls and for their conversion!

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