Monday, November 17, 2008

Catholic Citizens of Illinois calls for Boycott of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Some of us have refused to participate in this sinful activity for years - With God's help and blessings, maybe more Catholics will thumb their noses at the CCHD and contribute to truly worthy causes?

By Catholic Citizens of Illinois

When the Catholic Bishops of the United States established the Campaign for Human Development in 1970, they mandated the Campaign to fund "such projects as voter registration, community organizations, community-run schools, minority-owned cooperatives and credit unions, capital for industrial development and job training programs, and setting up rural cooperatives." It was subsequently renamed the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, with prohibitions on funding of projects that were not in conformity with Catholic moral teaching.

The CCHD was sold to Catholic parishioners with a slogan of "a hand up instead of a hand out," but instead, CCHD has heavily invested in the political organizing techniques of Saul Alinky, a Marxist organizer from Chicago who founded the nationwide Industrial Areas Foundation, which in the Chicago area is known as United Power. United Power has been financed by various mainline Protestant churches and has made great inroads into the Catholic Church in Chicago, recruiting parish ministers and receiving funding from various parishes through dues and contributions. For all practical purposes, United Power is an extension of the far left wing of the Democrat Party....
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Pass it on to your Catholic family and friends! Someone needs to clean the rats out at the USCCB.

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