Tuesday, December 16, 2008

News Updates, 12/16

Pro-Life Groups Respond to Secret Memo With Obama's Abortion Marching Orders
More pro-life groups are issuing responses to the news that the Barack Obama transition team has posted a memo from leading pro-abortion groups that gives the incoming president his marching orders on abortion. The memo was supposed to stay under wraps but Obama put it on his web site because of his recent moves favoring more government transparency...
[Transparency? The only thing this lying thug is open about is his perverted love of the murder the unborn-if only he were so transparent about his citizenship status.]

Bishop Olmsted excommunicates 2 Arizona priests
...for defying his order to not engage in public ministry

Nude Virgin Mary cover prompts Playboy apology
Publisher: 'We recognize that it has created offense'

Researchers See Adult Stem Cell Progress: They Self-Renew, Repair Tissue
Two groups of researchers have made more progress with the use of adult stem cells -- showing they are both more ethical and more effective than their embryonic counterparts. In this latest find, they demonstrated that adult stem cells can self renew and repair tissue damage....

Pope says end of the world not nigh
Says alarmist readings foretelling end of world are false

A life thrown into turmoil by donation for Prop. 8
Angry homosexual mob visits Mormon woman's restaurant

Stop abortion money to Catholic politicians
A petition to U.S. Catholic bishops
{Personally, I believe this is DOA - generally speaking, the phrase "Catholic politician" is oxymoronic. And petitioning the US bishops to ask/beg/force traitors to return abortion funds is laughable, yet so very sad. Bishops should summarily EXCOMMUNICATE any and all so-called Catholic pols who are supporters of Satan's sacrament of abortion]

Stunning turnaround for Boston's St. John's Seminary
Enrollment doubles over two years after years of decline

Vatican to be sued over sex abuse claims
Hoping to force Pope Benedict XVI to give evidence

Tony Blair was a 'secret Catholic,' former aide says
Former PM said: 'I don't discuss my Catholicism with anybody'

10,000 Polish women get abortions in Britain
UK a popular destination due to liberal laws

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