Wednesday, December 03, 2008

News Updates, 12/3

UK Bishops’ Document on Homosexuality Praised by Prominent Anti-Catholic Homosexualist
Tatchell said the pamphlet by the bishops “challenges” the “outdated, bigoted attitudes” of the Vatican about homosexuality...
[Ah yes...we are to believe that homosexuality is good and the Bible and normal rational understanding of human nature and procreation is wrong! Got that?]

Vatican opposes gay decriminalization
France proposing resolution to UN on behalf of EU

Cuba softens stance toward Catholic Church
State-run Cuban press running stories on native saint

Bishops warn against abortion rights expansion
Catholic officials may meet soon with Team Obama
[For what purpose? to surrender?]

Wisconsin nun claims God may be pro-choice
God 'does not pressure people' into doing what is right
[Free will=pro-choice...God spare us from these ignorant people]

Radio campaign: Good Catholics use condoms
Taking care of oneself means wearing protection

Mass. diocese pays $4.5M to abuse victims
Agreements part of a voluntary arbitration process

Cardinal Kasper: ecumenical journey is a 'duty'
Urges unity between eastern and western churches

'Quality check' urged for Indian priests
Corruption and careerism affecting Church life

Cherie Blair to speak at Pontifical university in Rome
Former UK first lady is staunchly pro-abortion
[The Catholic Church grows smaller and smaller as more and more "Catholic" institutions demostrate 'support' for advocates of the Culture of Death]

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