Friday, April 03, 2009

News Updates, 4/3

Exclusive Interview: Head of Holy Cross Order on Sanctions against Notre Dame Pres., "That's Rather Extreme"
When asked, "Should Obama have been invited?" Cleary responded, "I don't know what to say about that."

Archbishop of Denver on denying Holy Communion
Chaput explains a few things to ignorant journalists
[Still doesn't abide by Canon 915]

Legion sex abuse probe could uncover more victims
...similar to those committed by founder Fr. Maciel

Texas priest feared murdered in Mexico
Reported missing in the border city of Nuevo Laredo

Armed group threatens Rio de Janeiro parish
Demands archdiocese close down church and aid center

Vatican: China mounting obstacles to dialogue
Holy See denounces new arrests of Catholic bishops

Vandals steal Catholic University newspapers
Homosexuality debate may have prompted crime

Vatican investigates John Paul II 'miracle'
Man shot in head recovers after prayer to late Pope

Why Catholics in Vietnam are vanishing
Population of other Christian denominations has risen

Sweden votes to legalize same-sex marriage
Swedish Lutheran Church says it will comply

Other News

“Fetal containers” ( Asst. A.G. nominee views pregnancy as "slavery" )
The president of the Susan B. Anthony List has characterized as “bizarre” the views of pro-abortion activist Dawn Johnsen as a vote nears in the U.S. Senate on her nomination as assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel.

House approves $3.6 trillion budget blueprint
The Democratic-controlled House approved a budget blueprint drawn to President Barack Obama's specifications Thursday and the Senate hastened to follow suit after administration allies rejected alternatives from liberals and conservatives alike...

Cap and tax collapse
Please pass Al Gore a Valium -- and better make it a double -- because his cap-and-trade dreams just took a dive in the U.S. Senate...

Health Plan Could Feed Your Gun-related Data Into A National Database
--- And charge you $10,000 a year for the privilege

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