Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News Updates, 10/20

Convicted murderer priest: I didn't do it
Cleric charged with killing nun maintains innocence

Time Magazine Blasted, Accuses Bishops of Promoting Pro-Abortion Health Care
Time magazine is coming under fire for a new article from staff writer Amy Sullivan that makes the wild accusation that the nation's Catholic bishops allowed or supported language in one of the House health care bills that paves the way for government funding of abortions.

Archbishop Burke offers Tridentine Mass at Vatican
First time at St. Peter's Basilica in 40 years

Portuguese Nobelist angers Catholic Church
Literature laureate Saramago's 'Cain' deemed offensive

Police shoot, kill wild boar at parish festival
Animal was on the loose, unaffected by taser guns

St. Anthony statue beheaded in San Antonio
Witnesses report seeing man shouting obscenities

Fr. Jenkins re-elected as president of Notre Dame
Despite widespread criticism of his role in Obama scandal
[Pride and apostacy confirmed at a university which is no longer Catholic!]

New Bible will eliminate 'liberal' text
Conservative project to eliminate socialism, adultery

Irish bishops to hand over some schools to gov't
Church's influence in education to undergo seismic change

Head of Abortion-Supporting Group to Speak at USF
Even Daniel Berrigan Demurs

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