Thursday, November 12, 2009

Patience - November 12


Thoughts on the Patient Endurance of Sorrows and Sufferings


Patience is a virtue by which we bear up with courage and constancy under a variety of evils to which we are continually exposed in this mor­tal life, namely, afflictions, exterior or interior, sickness, pain of mind or body, losses, disappoint­ments, want, misunderstanding, persecution, af­fronts, injuries, and other crosses, which more or less are incident to men in every station of life, from youth to old age. Now, under all these evils, the good Christian is supported by the virtue of patience in such a manner as not to be overmuch dejected or cast down, but, trust­ing in the loving-kindness of God, to go on with courage and fortitude in the way of perfection and salvation, carrying his cross after his Re­deemer, without murmuring or repining.

O my soul, how beautifuul, how profitable is this Christian patience! It has, indeed, the ad­mirable property of making all the evils of life serviceable unto eternity, while at the same time it makes them light and easy. Sweetening all that is bitter in them by seasoning them with consideration of the holy will of God whose aim is our true and everlasting happiness.
Compiled and Edited by Rev. F. X. Lasance
Author of "My Prayerbook," etc.

1937, Benziger Brothers
Printers to the Holy Apostolic See

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