Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catholic Investigative Agency is here...

As promised, the premiere episode of's new program Catholic Investigative Agency (CIA) is now available for viewing.

The Topic: Saul Alinsky and the Catholic Church in America.

Please take time to watch this hard-hitting, factual presentation of how $280,000,000 of Catholic money has gone to Saul Alinsky style community organizing groups under the banner of "social justice".

Follow the history as well as the money and understand what ideology has secretly been working inside the Church in America since at least the 1960s.

You can't afford to miss this.

It's time to take the loosen the death grip of progressives on the Church.

Please pass this on to every person you know.

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed at this yet it explains so much. How do we stop this evil? Is stopping our contributions the only way for impact here?