Tuesday, March 30, 2010

News Updates, 3/30

Planned Parenthood lauds nuns' support of health bill
Says it was important for sisters to break from bishops

Ted Kennedy Jr. to face Brown in Senate race?
Connecticut layer has kept residence in Massachusetts

Vatican cardinal calls for sex abuse 'housecleaning'
Kasper defends Pope, says needs of victims come first

Even NCR's John Allen defends Pope against charges
'The first casualty of any crisis is perspective'

Crucifix could be 'porn' under Indonesian law
Fear that Muslims will use it to penalize non-Muslims

Abuse victims may bring suits against Vatican
Holy See Press Office reiterates Pope not involved

Philosopher: Why we should ditch religion
Sam Harris says we need to look elsewhere for morality

Polish Catholic chief defends pope over abuse
Voices his 'spiritual support and cordial communion'

In Turkey, Pope gunman says Benedict should resign
Media gives ear even to Pope John Paul II killer

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