Wednesday, April 14, 2010

News Updates, 4/14

Caught On Video: Pfleger's Heresy
Just days after Cardinal George awarded him a lifetime achievement award, the Rev. Michael Pfleger has been caught on tape openly dissenting and teaching heresy from the pulpit during mass! In this stunning video from a Divine Mercy Sunday homily, Fr. Pfleger openly calls for female ordination and female bishops.
[Pfleger is not a Catholic and hasn't been for a long time. He should have been publicly excommunicated and laicized years ago. Well done, Cardinal George, for allowing the cancer to spread!]

Something Must be Done About Fr. Michael Pfleger in Chicago [WDTPRS]
Cardinal George has allowed an honor to be bestowed on Fr. Michael Pfleger. Fr. Pfleger is not "controversial". Fr. Pfleger is an uncontrollable heretic. In the past I have seen Fr. Pfleger more in terms of a loony punchline rather than a serious problem. I have changed my mind. Having stupid ideas about politics is one thing, being supremely imprudent is one thing, but attacking the foundation of the priesthood from his highly visible platform is another. If Card. George will not remove Fr. Pfleger from his mandate as pastor, or remove his faculty to preach and say Mass publicly, the everyone should make an appeal to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to act....

Ann Coulter: Should gay priests adopt?
Why does the media refuse to make obvious correlations?

German "theologian" urges bishops to disobey pope (Hans K√ľng)
BERLIN German theologian Hans Kueng is urging bishops to disobey the pope and push for reforms in the Roman Catholic Church.

The atheist Pope-hunters' pathological campaign
Exposes disturbing side to today's campaigning secularism

Judge: Catholic dad can take daughter to Mass
Jewish mother had obtained restraining order

Mexico Church seeks pardon for child sex abuse
Bishops' apology follows Maciel and Legion scandal

'Commissioner' to assume leadership of Legion?
Order awaits Vatican decision about its future

Bishop: Beware pro-choice 'Catholic' group
Says Washington DC-based group endorses use of condoms

Muslims in police uniforms attack Filipino church
Al Qaeda militants blamed for nation's worst attacks

US Catholic Church moving faster on abuse cases
Archbishop Chaput: prompt action 'painful but necessary'

Ireland's Sean Brady suffers heart attack
Embattled cardinal stable after taking ill at church

Retired priest suspended on 'vague allegations'
Police Capt. won't reveal 'gender' of alleged victim

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