Monday, May 10, 2010

News Updates, 5/11

Pope blames church's own sins for sex scandal
LISBON, Portugal – Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday blamed the church's own sins for the clerical abuse scandal — not a campaign mounted by outsiders — and called for profound purification to end what he called the "greatest persecution" the church has endured....

Church Should Give 'More Consideration' to 'Quality' of Homosexual Relationships: Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna
The Church should "give more consideration" to "the quality" of homosexual relationships, the cardinal archbishop of Vienna said this weekend. Christoph Schönborn told the far-left British Catholic magazine the Tablet that the Church should also consider allowing divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion since “many people don’t even marry at all any longer.” “We should give more consideration to the quality of homosexual relationships. A stable relationship is certainly better than if someone chooses to be promiscuous,” Schönborn said.
[What kind of "quality" can there be in perversion? Maybe the Cardinal should give more consideration to what scripture says about homosexuality?]

'Pope' Pelosi plans sermons for Church - Now she wants to tell priests what to preach
“I want you to instruct your, whatever the communication is -- the people, some of them, oppose immigration reform are sitting in those pews and you have to tell them that this is a ‘manifestation of our living the gospels.’ Our patron saint of San Francisco, St. Francis of Assisi, he said, ‘Preach the gospel - sometimes use words.’ We need the words to be said because it isn’t being picked up automatically,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at the Catholic Community Conference.
[This woman needs to be excommunicated]

Apostolic visitor says Pope may meet with victims of Fr. Maciel
Bishop Ricardo Watty of Tepic, one of the five bishops appointed to the Apostolic Visitation of the Legion of Christ, said in a recent interview that Pope Benedict XVI may meet with some of the victims abused by Father Marcial Maciel....

With Obamacare Cash Comes New Abortion Supercenter for Planned Parenthood
ST. PAUL, Minnesota -- Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota (PPMNS) has announced that they are constructing a new clinic and administrative headquarters in St. Paul. According to Sarah Stoesz, President of PPMNS, Planned Parenthood is anticipating a possibly increased demand for its services because of the new federal health care bill. Stoesz said that she was unsure "exactly what health care reform will mean for our patients." She continued, however: "But I anticipate that more people will access health [death] care...

Marquette rescinds dean offer to lesbian prof
Jesuit university 'Catholic identity' represented

Pope begins four-day journey to Portugal
Central part of trip will focus on Fatima

'Faithful and holy priests don't abuse people'
A conversation with Catholic commentator George Weigel

Catholic issue exaggerated in 1960 primary?
Many expected 'bloodbath' if JFK won the White House

Filipino bishop: Exposition in every parish
Catholics fear elections will be undermined

Why has Canadian bishop 'vanished'?
No one knows where he's been since his resignation

Catholic priest dies saving youths from drowning
Cleric had massive heart attack after valiant rescue

Thousands believe priest heals the sick
'...instantaneously, miraculously in front of my eyes'

Accused Catholic priests left in legal limbo
'This is what happens to an innocent priest?'

==== Other ====

The Pill ruined the institution of marriage, says Raquel Welch
Raquel Welch has blamed the Pill for the decline of the institution of marriage. The Hollywood actress said the widespread use of oral contraceptives had led to a breakdown in sexual morality and fuelled the growth of rampant promiscuity among the young. Miss Welch, 69, said the situation has grown so grave that 'these days nobody seems able to keep it in their pants or honour a commitment.' While she argued that it carried some benefits, she said the enduring legacy of the Pill has been social anarchy....
[Precisely as Pope Paul VI predicted in Humanae Vitae!]

Memo Misread: Elena Kagan Did Not Tell Clinton to Back Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
Washington, DC -- To hear mainstream media outlets like the Associated Press and Washington Post tell the story, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan once urged President Bill Clinton to back a ban on partial-birth or late-term abortions. The take from the stories is that Kagan's rock solid pro-abortion views aren't that strong. Nothing could be further from the truth....

Church of England moves towards ordaining women
Over the weekend, the Church of England introduced draft legislation putting the country's Anglican communion on the fast track to allowing women's ordination. On Saturday, May 8, the Church of England's revision committee published a 142-page review in favor of draft proposals that support women being consecrated as bishops and priests. According to Reuters, the church's revision committee also proposed safeguards for more traditional parishes who have expressed opposition to ordaining women, including the right to request that a male bishop perform blessings and ordinations. However, the committee proposals did not meet the requests by these parishes for new dioceses or a special class of bishops.

Santelli: Tea Parties Don't Realize US Bailing Out Greece
The European Union and the International Monetary Fund to the rescue! The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) soars and investors breathe a sign of relief. But where’s this $1 trillion in bailout funds for Greece coming from? On CNBC’s May 10 “Squawk Box,” host Joe Kernen channeled Rick Santelli’s anti-bailout populism, suggesting it was important to note that this bailout was made possible in part by the American taxpayer...

Germany: "We are Europe's fools again."
The mass-circulation Bild daily complained in a front-page headline: "We are Europe's fools again." "Angela Merkel, the Iron Chancellor, has rolled over and we are being taken to the cleaners," it complained in an editorial. The conservative daily Die Welt said the fundamental problem was the other euro zone countries did not share Germany's financial stability culture....

Fully Transparent Federal Reserve Comedy: Congratulations America! You Own Bankrupt Red Roof Inns
YouTube Video: Alan Grayson explores Maiden Lane assets -- May 6, 2010

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Tomas Torquemada said...

Seems the archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan, is getting is orders from Pelosi. See:

Let me explain what these people want the USA to do, in an easy to understand manner.

Basically, you are to open your doors and welcome anyone and everyone who wishes to enter. You are, then, required to provide food, shelter, and support to any and all of those who entered, uninvited mind you, to whatever degree they desire.

You will not be permitted to require them to work to help support themselves but must, from your own meager resources, provide for all of their needs - even if such false 'charity' is detrimental to your own well being and family obligations.

They are to have full rein of your resources while you unwillingly sacrifice all for the benefit of those who have taken over your home.

It makes no difference if those uninvited 'guests' are murderers, rapists, jihadists or other violent criminals - their 'rights' supercede your rights. They deserve all that you have worked for. Your family is not as important as the comfort of the invaders.

This country, because it has rejected the Almighty, is doomed. Pray for God's mercy and for the much needed enlightenment of our secular and ecclesiastical leaders.