Thursday, August 12, 2010

Battling for America’s Soul: How Homosexual "Marriage" Threatens Our Nation and Faith

Time to revisit this article by The American TFP:
Battling for America’s Soul

How Homosexual “Marriage” Threatens Our Nation and Faith — the TFP Urges Lawful and Conscientious Resistance

Within the perspective of the nation’s Cultural War, Americans felt the full force of two actions favoring the homosexual movement in May 2008. Same-sex “marriage” is now being imposed upon the nation by government fiat.

On May 15, 2008, California’s Supreme Court declared the unconstitutionality of Proposition 22—ignoring the voices of 61% of California voters who approved the measure in 2000—and all other California statutes restricting marriage to the union of one man and one woman and imposed homosexual “marriage” on the Golden State.

Concomitantly, New York Governor David Patterson unilaterally ordered all government agencies to revamp their rules, procedures, and regulations so as to show legal recognition to same-sex “marriages” contracted outside the state.
* * *

A. The Acceptance of Same-Sex “Marriage” Is Incompatible with Christianity...

B. The Catholic Church’s Perennial and Immutable Moral Doctrine Condemns Homosexual Practice...

C. Same-Sex “Marriage” Harms the Common Good...

D. TFP Calls for Lawful, Conscientious Resistance to Same-Sex “Marriage” and the Homosexual Movement...

E. We Are Opposing the Homosexual “Moral Revolution”...

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Anonymous said...

Um, that's a lot of baloney. If it had value it would have been admitted in federal court as evidence supporting the constitutionality of Prop 8. If you read the Perry decision you can see what little evidence there was to support the constitutionality of the new marriage law. That's why Walker struck it down. Anyone can write any kind of lies and put it on the web. Any Mormonc an spend a few million to sway voters by lying on billboards across the state.

But the witness stand is a lonely place to tell a lie.

And that's why the text you quoted (and similar tracts) was nowhere near the courtroom this year.

Tomas Torquemada said...

Sounds like the truth struck a nerve, eh?

Let's not be naive - the truth is not sought after in today's courts - and Walker, the homosexual 'judge,' should have recused himself from this particular case, but then he would not have had the opportunity to become known as a blathering buffon with his degenerate opinions and falsehoods. Walker struck down a perfectly constitutional amendment solely because he is homosexual.

What disgusting perversions and deviant acts do so-called 'loving' honosexuals perform? Why has mankind, throughout its entire history, sought to condemn such loathsome pervsersions?

My advice to you, Anonymous, is to get a clue of what reality really is. In the meantime, we'll pray for your enlightment and the conversion of all those who choose to engage in filthy and disgusting sexual perversions.

Anonymous said...


Who's "we"? The voices in your head?

"The truth is not sought after in today's courts" Really? Wow. What an un-American thing to say. If you really believe that 1/3 of our system is corrupt you should move to another country. Or stop paying taxes.

Recuse himself? Don't be ridiculous. Should a black judge recuse himself when a black plaintiff is at the bar? Should a female judge recuse herself when a female plaintiff is claiming discrimination based on gender? Are you new to this country? That's not how it works. PLUS, if Walker was objectionable then the fine, well-educated and well-payed lawyers representing the defendant State of California would have moved to have him replaced. Why didn't they? Are they bad lawyers? Corrupt? In cahoots with the gays? Maybe they know the law and know Walker had an unassailable reputation for fairness and couldn't be asked to step down merely b/c he's gay. Check his perfect record when you're finished making conclusory and unsupported remarks as those above.

Good luck.