Thursday, August 05, 2010

News Updates, Aug 6

Nashville Priest May Face Canonical Discipline Over Heretical Video
NASHVILLE, Tennessee, August 5, 2010 ( - A priest of the Nashville diocese may be facing canonical discipline after putting out a video on the front of his parish website this week denouncing the Pope and various Church teachings such as those against divorce, contraception, women's ordination, and the married priesthood...

Maine diocese weighs in on gay marriage decision
It's 'an insult to the millions of California residents'

Kenya's bishops lament passage of new Constitution
Referendum 'does not respect our moral values'

Mexican court upholds capital's gay marriage law
Rejecting an appeal by dissenting federal prosecutors

Sex abuse lawsuit targets Los Angeles archdiocese
Accused remains at large, wanted on 19 felony counts

'Lourdes' GPS misspelling confuses pilgrims
'...more and more people are getting it wrong'

Tom Monaghan to give half of fortune to charity
Ave Maria University founder signs 'Giving Pledge'

Nuns, priests accused of sex abuse at orphanage
Sisters of the Divine Savior in the crosshairs

Milwaukee priests lament new Mass translations
' we have to rub salt in the wounds?'

Medics dump botched abortion victim in forest
Moscow clinic may face criminal negligence trial

=== Other News ===

Under Obama ‘We Shall All Become Slaves on the Government’s Plantation’
Alan Keyes, a conservative activist and former diplomat, said Wednesday that President Barack Obama and liberals in Congress are promoting a dependence on government that mirrors slavery...

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