Monday, September 27, 2010

News Updates, 9/27

Pope orders abuse inquiry into Regnum Christi
Legion of Christi's cultish lay group under fire

Vatican banker working to purge malfeasance
Received full mandate from Pope Benedict XVI

Italian priest abuse victims hold first meeting
Call for such abuse to be made crime against humanity

Hermit monks plan monastery on remote Wyo. ranch
Proposal triggers clash between ranchers

Diocese seeks to block suit by girl's parents
Accused failing to protect teen impregnated by priest

Irish boycott fails to dent Mass numbers
Catholics urged by angry grandma to skip out

Portland women skipping Sunday morning Mass
Irish grandma initiative 'struck a chord with us'
[Women priestette supporters acting stupid again]

TIME: Push to ordain women priests gains ground
Catholic gals undeterred by threat of excommunication

Priest sentenced to home detention for sex abuse
Receives 18 months for molesting 10-year-old boy

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