Wednesday, September 08, 2010

News Updates, 9/8

Vatican paper: 'No one burns the Qur'an'
Catholic bishops criticize planned protest of 9/11

Petraeus: Burning Qur'an puts Americans in Jeopardy
Fla. church threatens to burn copies of Muslim book

UK Catholic reform group: Church hates women
...oh, and the Church is homophobic and monarchical

Loyalist dissidents blamed for playground pipe bomb
Planted near Catholic school in Northern Ireland

Addition to 12th C. cathedral draws Muslim ire
Priest calls controversial gargoyle 'beautiful gesture'

Bishop says taxpayers should help fund Pope visit
Critics angry that £12m is to come from public purse

'Youth anthem' composed for UK papal visit
Sets Pope Benedict XVI's words to electro-dance music

Russian bishops seek collaboration with Orthodox
'Only then we'll be able to develop to the utmost'

Indian nuns protest tradition of child brides
'Girls under 18 should have adequate education'

Catholic College Rejects Homosexualist Group for Nonprofit Fair
A Catholic liberal arts college has rejected the application of a local homosexualist group to participate in a campus nonprofit internship fair, because the group's views directly conflicted with Catholic moral teaching. However, the school's own homosexual support group has said it is "investigating" the affair...

Catholic Church fires Mass woman for "marrying" her "female partner"
It's happening again. Cathedral High School in Springfield, Massachusetts has forced out the school's athletic director, Christine M. Judd, after she married her female partner in August. Judd, who is described on the school's website as 'one of the key members of the faculty and a positive role models for the students,' said was pressured to leave after marrying her female partner last month.
[A positive role model for students??? How sick is that?]

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