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An Easy Way to Become a Saint - October 7

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The graces of Confession

...We are weak. It gives us a new strength and life, so that a person who falls constantly into great sins and cannot avoid them, will be certainly able to avoid them if he goes to Confession frequently.

Priests are seeing this every day.

All men long for a good friend, whose friendship and love they enjoy, to whom they can go in their troubles and difficulties and ask for advice. A good friend is one of the greatest blessings God can give us.

Confession gives us this friend, for in Confession we meet a man who is there expressly to help and console us. He has been prepared especially for this work by long years of training. He is kind and helpful.

We may open our hearts to him, sure that he will understand us and sure that he is competent to give us the best possible advice.

We are equally certain that he will keep absolutely secret all that we say to him. A priest never breaks faith with his penitents...

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From An Easy Way to Become a Saint
by E. D. M. (1949)
The Catholic Printing Press
Lisbon, Portugal
With Ecclesiastical Approbation
13th June 1949

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