Monday, January 31, 2011

News Updates, 1/31

UK Anglicans preparing for mass defections
'The whole thing stinks to high heaven'

'The Rite': Exorcism in the movies
New film offers realistic, orthodox depiction

“Hostile work environment”
CA Supreme Court upholds ruling in favor of San Diego firefighters forced to join in ‘gay pride’ parade

Document: Pope once supported relaxing celibacy?
Cardinal Ratzinger signed a memorandum proposal in 1970

Pope proposes healing 1500 year Church rift
Benedict XVI addresses Orthodox, Catholic divisions

Pope wants concrete projects for Holy Land peace
Benedict urges respect for religious minorities

Vatican seeks to repair 'frozen' dialogue with Egypt
Top Sunni Muslim institute protested Pope's remarks

Chaos erupts at funeral of gay rights activist
Pastor told homosexuals they 'would go to hell'

Terrorists threaten to kill Pakistani Catholic
Shahbaz Bhatti is Federal Minister for Religious Minorities

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