Friday, January 16, 2004

It's a start, but it isn't quite enough

New Orleans archbishop says pro-abort politicians should not receive Communion
New Orleans, Jan. 16 (

Archbishop Alfred Hughes of New Orleans has told Catholic politicians that they should not receive Communion if they support abortion or euthanasia.

In a column published this week in his archdiocesan newspaper, the Clarion Herald, Archbishop Hughes wrote: "When Catholic officials openly support the taking of human life in abortion, euthanasia or the destruction of human embryos, they are no longer faithful members in the Church and should not partake of Holy Communion."

The statement by Archbishop Hughes comes shortly after Bishop Raymond Burke of La Crosse, Wisconsin, issued a canonical directive barring pro-abortion Catholic lawmakers from the Eucharist. But a spokesman for the New Orleans archdiocese said that Archbishop Hughes was not going so far. Father William Maestri said that the archbishop's column called for pro-abortion politicians voluntarily to refrain from taking Communion. He said that the archdiocese had no plans to refuse the Eucharist to anyone.

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