Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Another Colorado Bishop uses "seamless garment" rhetoric

The effort to use the "seamless garment" approach of "peace and justice" issues as Bishop Tafoya of Pueblo, does not in any way do justice the life issues that currently exist in our society. Both Bishop Sheridan and Archbishop Chaput have clearly spoken on this.

While other issues are to be considered, there are non-negotiable issues which must be considered first and foremost.
Pueblo Bishop Arthur Tafoya entered the debate raging over religion and politics, calling on Catholics to consider "peace and justice" issues along with abortion when they go to the polls.

"Respect for life is also confronted by hunger and poverty, the death penalty, euthanasia, war and, as we see today, torture," Tafoya said in a statement.

Tafoya favors the "seamless garment" philosophy developed by the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago, said his spokesman, Larry Howe-Kerr. It says Catholics should be sensitive to a spectrum of life issues, from abortion to the death penalty. He would not refuse Communion to anyone, his spokesman said.

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