Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Worcester bishop shocks gays with `evil' statement

The new leader of the Catholic Diocese of Worcester stunned gay rights supporters by writing in a church newsletter that Catholics, especially public officials, pushing to legalize same-sex marriage are ``in cooperation with evil.''

"Oh, my God. Wow," gasped Marianne Duddy-Burke of Boston Dignity, a group of gay Catholics. "It's an appalling statement on so many levels. It disregards a civil servant's duty to the entire community."
Yes, Marianne, the truth can be shocking and hard to accept, most especially for those who are in need of truth.
After recognizing gays and lesbians as ``brothers and sisters in the human family,'' the note ends with a bombshell: ``Moreover, it must be pointed out that Catholics, especially public officials, who willingly and with approval facilitate the legal sanctioning of same-sex unions are involving themselves in cooperation with evil.''

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