Friday, September 17, 2004

Abp. Burke responds to Polish parish (St. Stanislaus Kostka)

Archbishop Raymond Burke has responded to concerns of members of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish who oppose a restructuring plan by submitting and making modifications to a statement of commitment to the parish.

A spokesman for the parish board of directors said Sept. 14 that the board voted against the Archbishop’s latest proposal. The reason, Roger Krasnicki said, was because "they felt there were no civilly enforceable provisions."
Maybe, maybe not...But without a priest, that point is probably moot.
Krasnicki added that the board asked their attorney to resume discussions with Huger. "We still want to keep the door open," he said.

Krasnicki said the board wants a peaceful resolution.

Board chairman Bill Bialczak wrote that parish members "are strong Roman Catholics who respect the hierarchy of the Church.

However, we are strong believers to adhere to things that we feel are just. We have great difficulties in trying to undo customs that have prevailed for over 100 years."
Sometimes, we must do things which we find extremely difficult especially if we have been become accustomed to something else, even if was wrong.

Respect for the hierarchy of the Church should also include obedience to the hierarchy, even in matters which may be contrary to habit or custom, and when Church law particularly requires it.

The link also includes the Statement of Commitment by Archbishop Burke to the Parishioners of St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church which demonstrates his desire to see this situation resolved for the benefit of the parish and the Church.

The article is here.

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