Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"Town Talk" regarding St Stanislaus, Abp Burke, J. Allman...Again

The root of all evil

JAMIE ALLMAN SAID Archbishop Burke wants St. Stanislaus back in the fold. Hello, when did they leave? They had a priest and the sacraments. Who took that away? Archbishop Burke took the priest away from St. Stanislaus and is threatening the board members. What sin did they commit that was so horrible he had to do this? Since when does $9 million in assets become a sin? Burke is denying them the sacraments over money. Where is that in the Bible or the commandments?
Rather than go into the whole realm of "Where's that in the Bible", suffice it to say that, once again, ill-formed opinions abound. Archbishop Burke removed the priests from St. Stanislaus because of the treatment they received by the board and the actions the board took in denying the pastor proper oversight of the parish.
Talk to the parishioners, Bishop Burke

WHY CAN'T ARCHBISHOP Burke meet with the people at St. Stanislaus? Does he think he's above the little people that he has to have a novice who knows nothing about the Catholic religion and who has only been a Catholic for six years? You have to be a Catholic practically all your life to know what the heck's going on, and Jamie Allman doesn't fit that pattern. I don't trust Burke and I sure wouldn't trust a novice like Jamie Allman.
This is just too much! It is a distortion of the facts regarding Archbishop Burke and his meeting with the parishioners of St. Stanislaus (which he already did) and a most irresponsible condemnation of converts to the Catholic Faith. The actual facts are that being a 'cradle Catholic' is no more confirmation that a person truly knows the Faith or what is "going on" than any other person. In defense of those who convert to Catholicism, many make the journey after a diligent search for truth and, after finding that the fullness of the truth is in the Catholic Church, they choose to enter the fold of the Church willingly and eagerly. This is something which far too many 'cradle Catholics' do not do.

Jamie Allman has demonstrated a knowledge of the Faith which far surpasses that of many Catholics. He should be commended, not ridiculed, for the efforts he has made to date regarding his learning and education of the Faith. It is pure ignorance, if not manifest malice, to suggest a "novice" in the Faith should not be trusted - just as it is to suggest that a "veteran", such as Archbishop Burke is not to be trusted.

If anyone is not to be trusted, it would be those, such as this individual, who engages in rash judgement and calumny. An individual such as this, out of concern and in charity should, however, be rebuked and admonished.


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