Thursday, December 22, 2005

To the Sistine Chapel Choir: The Liturgy has Need of Beauty

"On the night the Savior was born," the Pope told members of the choir, "the Angels announced the birth of Christ to the shepherds with the words: 'Gloria in excelsis Deo et in terra Pax hominibus.' Tradition has always held that the angels did not simply speak as men do, but that they sung and that theirs was a song of celestial beauty revealing the beauty of heaven. Tradition also holds that choirs of unbroken voices can help us to feel the resonance of angelic song. And it is true that in the music of Sistine Chapel, in the great liturgies, we can feel the presence of a celestial liturgy, a small taste of the beauty by which the Lord wishes to communicate His joy.

"Indeed, praise of God calls for song," said the Holy Father. "For this reason, your contribution is essential to the liturgy; it is not some marginal adornment, quite the contrary, the liturgy requires this beauty, it needs song in order to praise God and to bring joy to the participants."

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