Saturday, April 08, 2006

Why Does Sony Pictures Fear Free Publicity?

Some people have been critical of and complained about the efforts of Tradition Family Property to launch a protest and boycott of the "Duh Vinci Code" movie...

In a recent email, John Horvat of TFP has issued a response to those who say, “Don’t protest, you’re only giving them free publicity.”

Have you ever heard that line? As one who has been on the protest lines, I certainly have. Funny thing is you never hear this from the film producers.

The fact is film producers more often than not try to defuse controversy not fan it. Our story “Why Does Sony Fear Free Publicity?” outlines some of the incredible things that Sony Pictures is doing to avoid protest backlash. If it’s free publicity, they are certainly paying dearly for it! Click here for the full story.

The central issue in this whole Da Vinci Code debate is the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. There have always been those who have denied this. I found a very beautiful passage from St. Ephrem about the Divinity and Humanity of Our Lord. His questions could not be more timely. Click here to read. I really recommend this.

We are happy to report an increasing number of organizers joining our efforts. We even have inquiries from Malta, Peru, Philippines and Canada. Read here about the efforts in Malta and the Philippines.

Until next time, I remain,

Yours in Jesus and Mary,
John Horvat

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