Friday, September 22, 2006

More Helps in Mental Prayer

The Personal Application, the "I Speak to God" - everything in these prayers - is, remem­ber, only a help. Use them as much as you need them - no more.

If the first sentence in The Idea gives you some­thing to think about before God, something to pray over, never worry the least bit about going on to the second sentence.

When an idea strikes you that way, that is God talking to you, reminding you that there is something in that idea He thinks you need. You must never turn away from Him when this happens. You must not move on to another idea until that first one has soaked in fully, until there seems no more for you to get out of it here and now.

In the same way, if you get a lot of good out of one meditation, don't hesitate to use the same one over the next day. Stay with it as long as it helps you. Go on to the next one when you've finished. It's praying that's important - not getting through these different daily meditations.

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