Monday, January 15, 2007

Catholic Parish to Hold "Women Led Liturgies"?

Jan 11 - First a little backgroud...Catholic Action Network (CAN) claims to work on various "social justice" issues. CAN also claims that its most active projects are "Holy Families" (homosexuality) and "Justice for Women in the Catholic Church" (women's ordination).

With respect to "Justice for Women in the Catholic Church," CAN states:

JWCC is a local group that collaborates with the Women's Ordination Conference to work for women's equality in the Catholic Church.

We like to have a mix of home grown liturgies, national speakers and actions to bring the justice issues for women into the light. (emphasis added)

Email CAN to receive updates and meeting times for this group!

What's New
Women Led-Liturgies
an opportunity for Catholic women (especially those called to ordination) to lead prayer

Saturday, December 2nd @ 9am
Center for Theology and Social Analysis: 1077 S. Newstead @ Manchester (map here)

Check out our Liturgy from September 2006 here.

Gatherings for Women Called
Do you feel called to ordination? Discerning how to deal with this call?
Meet and share with other women in a safe environment.
Contact CAN if you’re interested.

Notice the "Women Led Liturgies"?

CAN also has posted this:
Flyer for our 2007 Prayer Service schedule, which will be held monthly, here!
Hmmm, "Women Led Liturgies" and "Women Led Prayer". Now, I think I know the distinction. But, what exactly is this - what does this statement from the flyer mean?

We need folks to help with planning, play music, offer reflections, and participate in the liturgies- hope you will join us!

What are the "liturgies" to which the flyer is referring? What to know more?

The "events" are held every third Saturday at:
St. Cronan’s Parish
1202 S. Boyle
one block south of Manchester on Boyle Avenue, in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood.

As the flyer states:
Services include readings, music, rituals, shared prayer and reflections. All are welcome! (emphasis again added)
Given the background of this collaborative effort, this certainly seems to be at odds with the position of the Church. Since this parish is associating with Catholic Action Network which advocates the ordination of women, is it unreasonable to expect clarification of the position of the parish in this regard? Hopefully, that clarification will be forthcoming.

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