Wednesday, September 03, 2008

News Updates, 9/3

Vatican newspaper urges reconsideration of "brain death"
A signed front-page article in L'Osservatore Romano has called for a fresh debate on the medical criteria for "brain death." The article is noteworthy for several reasons

Vatican discipline for priest involved with Medjugorje
Father Tomislav Vlasic, a Franciscan priest who was prominent in the first efforts to publicize the alleged apparitions at Medjugorje, has been placed under interdict by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith because of his flagrant disregard for ecclesiastical discipline.

Chains of love
Same-sex inmates will be allowed to wed under guidelines being developed for California prisons

Silencing the opposition
YouTube bans videos critical of Planned Parenthood

Mosul: two Christians kidnapped and killed
Family of one hostage already paid ransom of US $20,000

Former Catholic priest faces 60 new sex charges
Arrested in May and charged with boarding school abuse

Poll: Catholics think Palin good choice for McCain
Survey report claims presidential race is a 'dead heat'

Armed robbers kill Catholic priest, three others
Bandits shot Nigerian cleric point blank in the forehead

Catholics to fight assisted suicide initiative
Washington parishes passing the collection basket

Archdiocese offers program for victims' families
Clinical social worker will conduct the free sessions

Belleville diocese may face second sex abuse trial
Bishop Edward Braxton could not be reached for comment

Vatican: Revive Christianity's artistic tradition
Archbishop proposes sacred art presentation in Venice

Pressure to stop anti-Christian attacks in India
Four more churches destroyed as violence spreads

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