Thursday, October 09, 2008

News Updates, 10/9

"Blender" used on aborted babies
In the wake of a scandal in which blenders were used to cover up illegal late term abortions, Spanish priest, Fr Joan Manuel Serra, has petitioned King Juan Carlos not to sign a royal decree that would legalise the use of "baby crushing machines".

Barack Obama Supporter Mark Warner: Pro-Lifers "Threaten" American Values
Says that pro-life advocates and other conservatives are "threatening to what it means to be an American."

“Nothing could be further from the truth”
Fresno bishop reacts to renegade priest

Pro-Life Advocates Upset Second Presidential Debate Didn't Address Abortion
Most political observers were disappointed by the second presidential debate -- with much of the blame placed on moderator Tom Brokaw. Pro-life advocates were disappointed Brokaw didn't allow any questions related to pro-life issues when the candidates have huge differences on abortion.

“They learned these confused ideas in their parishes”
Obama linked to Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which newspaper says funds groups at odds with Church’s social teachings

Vatican defends wartime Pope's Holocaust record
Rabbi: Jews 'cannot forgive and forget' Pius XII's silence

Choice for Christians in India: home or faith
'Nobody is telling us how or when we can go home'

Pope: We must see refugees as our brothers
Exercise of charity is culmination of Christian life

Catholic hospital under fire for abortion referrals
Also permits contraceptive pill prescriptions

Hospital to remove Virgin Mary window
Hundreds of people have visited alleged apparition

Indian Catholics cheer first woman saint
Nun who once disfigured herself to avoid marriage

New book traces pornification of a generation
Author: 'not too soon or too prudish to sound the alarm'

While Rome talks, Quebec has already been lost
Benedict XVI looking to it a new missionary territory

Mail Goggles block messages you shouldn't send
New email service designed to curb drunken emailing

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