Thursday, January 22, 2009

News Updates, 1/22

Demonic Obama Administration Considers Pro-Euthanasia British-Style Health Care
The new administration of pres__ent Barack Obama is still putting up nameplates on walls and staff members are learning how to use their computers. But some watchdogs are concerned that the administration is already full steam ahead with a plan that could lead to assisted suicide, euthanasia and health care rationing.
[We are witnessing a gutless group of criminals attempting an overthrow of the Republic...]

College students show up en masse at March for Life
Washington demonstration marks 36 years of Roe v. Wade

Judge Bork Foresees Ramifications on Religious Freedom with FOCA
Renowned legal scholar and former Judge, Robert H. Bork has compiled the most important writings of his distinguished 50-year career in A Time to Speak: Selected Writings and Argument (ISI Books, December 2008). Judge Bork, Ronald Reagan’s Supreme Court nominee, is concerned that “we are going to have Catholic hospitals that are going to be required as a matter of law to perform abortions.”...The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), a controversial abortion bill supported by President Obama, has the nation’s Catholic bishops threatening to shut down its hospitals. FOCA declares that “it is the policy of the United States that every woman has the fundamental right to choose to bear a child; terminate a pregnancy prior to fetal viability; or terminate a pregnancy after viability when necessary to protect her life or her health...We are going to have a real conflict that goes right to the heart of the society,” contends Judge Bork.

The Vatican Muzzles the Jesuit Roger Haight. And Jesus Is Why (Chiesa)
He is charged with obscuring the divinity of Christ, in order to make him more presentable to the world. At the heart of the dispute is the Society of Jesus. And also one of its highly influential members, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini

New Detroit archbishop criticizes Obama on abortion
Fighting stem cell research also on agenda for Vigneron

March for Life Organizers Invite Pro-Abortion Pres__ent Obama to Pro-Life Event
Organizers of the annual March for Life, the pro-life event that allows hundreds of thousands of pro-life advocates to come together, have decided to invite pro-abortion Pres__ent Barack Obama [Barry Soetoro] to attend...

Pope to Obama: Rediscover US spiritual heritage
Benedict XVI send telegram to new U.S. president
[Barry Soetoro, spawn of satan, should be referred to as "Pres__ent" 0bama - his 'ID' is still missing]

Biden becomes first Catholic VP in U.S. history
JFK holds distinction of being only Catholic U.S. president
[Please...he's either an apostate from the faith or a flaming heretic - but Catholic, he's not]

Last-ditch bids to save 14 Catholic schools
Brooklyn diocese has held 20 meetings with parents

Former leader of Coptic Church in Egypt dies
Cardinal Stephanos II Ghattas almost 89-years-old

Pope Benedict XVI blesses 2 lambs at the Vatican
Wool will be shorn to make shawls for new archbishops

Man suspected of stealing from priests
Given keys to van after posing as valet outside restaurant

Archbishop finds Vatican's seminary report 'positive'
Recommendations include greater involvement of bishops

Pres__ent Obama’s First Lie: “My Fellow Citizens”
Obama began his inaugural address with the salutation, “My fellow citizens.” Anyone who has followed the three-ring circus involving the pres__ent’s birth certificate knows that Obama calling anyone a “fellow citizen” is a damnable lie, unless one hails from a mud hut in Kenya.
[From "Canada Free Press," which does the work the Amerikan media refuses to do]

'Pastoral' papal appointee, Jean Jadot, dead at 99
Archbishop Jean Jadot, as apostolic delegate to the United States, became the hero of progressive post-Vatican II U.S. Catholics. The bishops appointed upon his recommendation were quickly known as (and denounced by conservative American Catholics as) the "Jadot boys."

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