Friday, January 23, 2009

News Updates, 1/23

White House promoting 'anti-Christian' policies?
A leading conservative activist says Pres__ent B. Hussein Obama has already signaled, during his first [illegitmate] days in office, that his administration will be the most "extreme, left-wing, and discriminatory" in American history.

Demonic Obama to lift ban on U.S.-funded abortions abroad
Pres__ent Barry Soetoro will sign an executive order today reversing the Mexico City Policy instituted by President Ronald Reagan in 1984....

Obama reaffirms woman's right to abortion
Says country is 'united' on need to kill unwanted kids
[What about "unwanted politicians"???]

Obama throngs replaced by pro-life marchers
Tens of thousands of demonstrators rally in DC

Catholics abandon the unborn in 44th presidency
Obama administration filled with pro-abort zealots

Pope to lift excommunications of SSPX bishops
Benedict XVI attempts to heal a 20-year schism

SSPX bishop denies Jewish holocaust
Williamson: 'There were no gas chambers'

SSPX called 'racist' by Church of Sweden
'It's obvious that this is an extreme right-wing group'

World issues dominate Vatican hopes for Obama
Downplaying differences on moral questions like abortion

Catholic priest admits stealing $370,000
Bilked parishioners to fund trips to Las Vegas

More Christians die in Eritrea detention camp
Gov't has carried out brutal crackdown on all churches

Bishops applaud Obama's anti-torture order
We had pressed for this step to protect human dignity
[Idiotic morons don't even know which end is up]

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