Tuesday, January 27, 2009

News Updates, 1/27

Catholic Journalists: Bear Witness to the Values of Faith
VATICAN CITY, 27 JAN 2009 (VIS) - Benedict XVI has sent a message to participants in the national congress of the Italian Catholic Press Union (UCSI). The congress, held last week, commemorated the institution's fiftieth anniversary....
[Next, if journalist could only learn to bear witness to the truth???]

“Children as the enemy”
Pelosi says federal spending on contraceptives stimulates economy by reducing number of kids requiring state services

Soetoro/Obama already creates first clash with Vatican
Pro-abortion executive order reverses Mexico City policy

Suicide clinic cashing in on despair
Dignitas is a profit obsessed killing machine

Healing trad schism, Pope risks another
Bishop's bizarre anti-holocaust remarks causing rift

Bishops' reinstatement a relief for some Catholics
Society of Saint Pius X at odds with Church since 1970

Catholic bishops say inaction killing Zimbabweans
African leaders should are complicit in 'passive genocide'

Evangelical worship attracting Hispanic Catholics
Shouts, tambourines and hip-shaking replacing Holy Mass
["progressive Catholics & heretics have been doing this for years]

Monsignor William Smith dies at age 69
Seminary prof was leading U.S. voice on medical ethics

Gunmen abduct Catholic priest in Nigeria
No group has claimed responsibility for 'heinous crime'

Street named for clergy sex suspect renamed
Monsignor stripped from cul-de-sac at diocese's request

“Campus policies cannot strip away the free speech rights of students”
Facing lawsuit, Yuba Community College drops restrictions on First Amendment

Soetoro/Obama chooses Arab network for first TV interview
...delivering a message to the Muslim world that "Americans are not your enemy"
[The Fraud, phony, Usurper is a clueless clown]

Soetoro/Obama, Most Secretive Pres__ent [ID missing] Ever
The media fawning over the Usurper never ends. The latest tingly feeling they are getting is over his orders for openness.

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